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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My life

my life is like water on the pond
not moving to anywhere but in the surrounding itself
my life is like a wind
once it past nothing can be changed
my life is like a music
sometimes it goes down and sometimes it reach high pitch
my life is boring
where i do some snoring
my life is pointless
like the wind flying to no where
my life is empty
with not enough love and trust
my life is sucks
even though some said life is beautiful
my life is winter
while i hope for summer
but the weather is summer
while i hope for winter
my life was filled with pain, sorrow and nightmares
while i hope for love, laughter and sweet dreams
my life filled with tears, hurts and loss
while i hope for smiles, happiness and gaining
But i believe life controlled by our own
so my life will go on (ps: not titanic)
I hate my life but sometimes i like my life too and i have to continue until...