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Friday, September 4, 2009

Such a tired day!!!

i wake up around 9am in the morning, the time i awake i immediately go to the wash room take a shower and start run off to the school, i arrive school around 9:40am and i took my breakfast there, before 10am i rush on the the 3rd level where my class situated and by the time i reach there i dun see anyone in the classroom so i take my time go to level 4 online in the lab, the moment i go to the class it was 10:10am and arghhh everyone is thr and i m late!!!!!!! The class is damn bored and after my class i have to rush for lunch with my buddy, afterward i have to cont my class again at 2pm till 5pm, after 5pm i immediately rush to downtown bought movie tickets for me and my friends, afterward i have to rush back to school because i have duty at 6pm, but so soi~ traffic jam make me late again! haizzzz...whats wrong with my life today, cb!