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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show Luo Promo in Kuching

At last i have the chance to see my idol in real life, Oh my god, he is truely gorgeous and even more good looking than what we saw in TV. I wake up late in the morning which is 6:50am then i directly simply dress up myself and rush to fetch my friends for breakfast and go to The Spring shopping mall wait for him. When we arrive there, there are already a lot of show Luo fans waiting outside the main lobby of The Spring. When the time has arrived and when the Shopping mall open, everyone rush into the shopping mall and head to the north court where show luo autograph session held. It was too crowded and I feeling so bad that time, but i won't mind as long as i can see my own idol.
Here are some Picture i would like to share:

  • These are his album, I got his signature on it, the 罗生门 signature was taken at airport when he almost depart to KK

  • I was just behind the flower Pot looking at him, he look good in reality

  • Oh my god just look at what happen to the background decoration Up thr, such a shame~