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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trip To Kuala Lumpur

Yay! after back from Penang trip and not even 1 month past  i went to KL with my friends!!! The trip was awesome and I love shopping in KL. There are a lots of Shopping malls you can find in KL and its much more easier to go to anywhere we wanna go since our Hotel was just located near the monorail station and the monorail station itself link to other hot location in KL including Bukit Bintang which was a famous shopping district in KL. The transport facilities here are way way better than Penang but hmm  Penang city view might a lot prettier than KL since a lot of KL buildings are too old and the streets and some other places are very dirty.
The first day we went to Genting Highland which is a theme park but i find nothing to play there but well just go there for a look and get a cool air and the next day we went down to KL and start shopping shopping shopping!!! OMG!!!! you won't believe that there are shops that sells the whole stuff at only RM25 or even RM10!!, yes its in SG wang, a popular shopping centre for youngster to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. All the shopping malls in KL are huge and therefore its very tired to shop there and even my leg felt so pain but we still remain active for shopping since our time was so limited in KL.
Here are some pics that i took during the trips: