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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first visit at the curve shopping mall

This is the first time I visit this unique and modern shopping mall at PJ, located at Bandar Utama Damansara and it is really very unique and wonderful. It is actually a combination of 4 shopping malls but the curve is the largest and the most attractive one among all. If not mistaken beside the curve, there are Ikea, Ikano and IPC shopping malls as well and all are quite easy to be accessed since all are link together with pedestrian bridge but the curve shopping mall would be the one which is more confusing for me and there were a lot of alley which looks quite similar and every time it makes me confused on whether i have been to that location before, Hmm...not friendly walk way :P Here are some, emm 2 pictures only, aickS! to be shared and both are taken at the new wing of the curve mall. I really love the view especially in both of the pictures i share because it looks kinda trendy and almost got the look of Japan, taiwan or singapore style shopping mall, XD just my opinion...