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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A visit to Sunway Pyramid

As usual, after class I won't directly heading home, as for my adventurous spirit today i went to Sunway Pyramid again XD. Woww... the decoration inside the mall was so nice! a lot of big christmas trees can be seen now in some of the atrium and a lot of youngsters hang out in the mall at this time too probably because of school holiday already started. I having my dinner first there at hmm... forgot the name of that cafe but is located at Asian avenue at 1st floor & I suppose to order Kung pao chicken rice which end up the waiter have make a mistake that turn out to be Lemon Chicken rice for my dinner, but never mind i still like it hahahaha since i already so hungry so i dun even care of it anymore. After my dinner I went and walk around the shopping mall and I saw something that super attractive and it seduced me to go nearer and pick it up and keep reading on the instruction on it. Its a Bubble Hair Color. gosh it look so damn easy for coloring and yet the price is only RM34, that's mean if i can color my hair using this super easy way then i dun even have to spend so much on salon. But i didn't bought it...because it was too hard for me to make the decision but guess what, while i was so busy reading the instruction and keep searching for different colors suddenly the watson male worker come to me and give me a foam facial cleanser. Its a Free testing L'oreal Men Expert Foam cleanser and it is only 15ML. So i just take it and why not get it a try since it was free and was thinking if tomorrow I will come here again then i will take it again :P. Finally.....I only bought a SOLO CARE AQUA All in one solution since mine at home was almost empty. Before I go back home, i felt so tired and went to have some dessert at Paparich Restaurant. I ordered Papa's ABC, hahhaaha so classical right but anyway I dun really like taste and yet it is expensive RM8.90...for just a bowl of ABC....=.= Hmm btw still thinking of having the bubble hair color or not by this weekend.. Ok heres some of the pictures i took during my visit on The Sunway Pyramid.

Free L'Oreal Men expert testing cleanser

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Outside Sunway Pyramid

Decoration at main atrium

Main atrium

Papa's ABC