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Friday, November 6, 2009

Today is a lonely day for me

lonely but a happy day for me, early in the morning i went to college and i having class at 10am. Just dunno why i concentrate listen to Mdm Uma teaching, and i guess this is the first time i being so concentrate as other days i will sit at the back and talk with my classmates. Perhaps this few days i have been really stress.
After my class my classmates decide to bring me having our lunch outside but i reject them cos i want to have my lunch at Aunty Mary's food court, which just located opposite my college. Thanks to my classmates they willing to accompany me eat there before the move out having their lunch. After taking my lunch i immediately rush to the computer lab, guess wat? i go thr for facebook, haha as usual. I have been in the computer lab till 2pm then i start my another class, my class suppose to be finish at 4pm, but Mdm Uma let us go at 3pm. after my class i went to spring alone.
When i was in the Spring shopping mall i went to the food court and bought the taiwan pearl milk tea. I went to a lot of the shopping lot in the spring shopping mall for window shopping. Here are some of the picture taken during my walk inside the spring shopping mall:

Enjoy my life being alone, yupie!