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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rainy days

Its near to midnight and I m still here in my room
look at the rainy day in the lonely night.
Waiting for the time past but at the same time
waiting for the time to come.
I know that its the time for me to grew older,
older not only physically but also mentally.
Looking out the window i saw light and flash.
From the street and cars past by the roads,
and the sound of the rainy day give me flash back on the past.

I have been very childish and in-matured
like the there is no light on the candles.
But i want to lighten up the candles,
let it shine and flashing brightly.
Not only now but in the future.
I want to wish myself, Happy birthday
I grew 1 years older again!
Happy birthday Ben~
may luck will be there with you in the future
This is not an ending
but it's a beginning.