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Monday, December 27, 2010

Trip to Sabah's capital city

Hi and welcome back home, yeahhh yesterday i have been to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a one day trip.  Yesterday it was raining so i don't have the chance to go the beach, but i have visit certain malls there, Owh my god! the malls especially Suria Sabah and 1 Borneo are very huge. Suria Sabah still new and under renovation therefore not much things to see overthere but 1Borneo is my favorite, there are foods, games, arcade center, boutiques, and a lots more. My first impression when i entered 1Borneo was, woow just like mid valley in KL and even the design is quite similar. One things that i hate about 1Borneo is the parking system. The parking lot is way too huge upstair and a too many arrows which make me confuse, and parking downstairs is extreamly expensive, once u park there you have to pay RM6 no matter how long. Here are some pictures that i take during my trip, not much cos i m using my phone to capture and low bat at the same time XD.
I also visit the Central Point Sabah which is the old mall in KK. There are so many people inside Central Point but I dun like it, mayb b'cos of crowded. B'side that the aircond is not cold enough.