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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

I m here, the stupid guy wishing everyone in this wonderful unique blue mix green in color in between planet mars and venus small and cute like a ball from far away which is the earth, Merry Christmas!!! and happy new year!!!, oops havent new year soon, but soon~ Say Bye to lousy 2010 "soon" again and welcome 2011, hope there are more wonderful life in 2011, bye bye 2010, we hate you so much!!

O yea, for those who believe the 2012 incident, wish u luck on 2011, play as hard as you can because from your point of view, we are no more here in this wonderful earth in 2012. But i wish this happen that is where we no need to think so much again!

Yes, here it is the earth is no longer alive!!