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Friday, January 7, 2011

Its all about today

Today is, OMG its friday, the time passed so fast and its really faster than what i have tot,  i tot it was still 9am in the morning but when i saw the time showed in my hp it is already 11am!! i quickly get up and yeah i forgot the movie was not aired on Friday. But I didn't get back to sleep, wake up then I rush to the kitchen to cook instant noodles for myself, o yeah, today i m lonely again, no one at home and it has been 1 week but well i love being alone as i love freedom so much! After having my breakfast, nah actually consider as my lunch d, I go bck to my room and start to online, didn't even knw y, i start to headache again, maybe i face my laptop for more than 12 hours a day. I did not go anywhere beside being with my laptop and already get used to it, man! i should have blessed because i have such a life, no need to work, no need to worry bout anything but just stay at home online for the whole day. I love my life now, dunno why but i knw once i step out from this house, i will get very busy so i rather stay inside my house. I have my own room here and that's mean more privacy. I always want my room to be clean and tidy and yes, my room is wonderful for me, I like it so much!! I wish i will not going anywhere cos i really love my room~ :) I want to just throw away all the worry inside my mind, forget it, i hate being worried for the whole day!