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Monday, February 7, 2011

Trip to Pearl of Orient

I have just reached home yesterday and my trip to Penang was awesome! The Island is small and the city is not big but crowded and traffic is damn jam!! So many cars and people in such a small island and the city is very busy, therefore a lot of tall building mostly apartment and condominiums to fill in these huge crowd, else I think this island would be overloaded. A lot of old and unique buildings found in the down town and a lot of nice condo and apartment somewhere near gurney drive and the rest of the area beside downtown. There are many flyovers here and the highway roads are wide but small roads found a lot at downtown. Traffic jam non stop in this tiny island haiz~ but i like the view of the city, so unique, its a mix of old building and new modern high-rise. Oh one thing i like bout penang, you can find a lot of pretty girls there especially around gurney plaza and QB hahahahhaahahahah~ But i doesn't like the life there, very busy and i believe no one love to be on the road for hours waiting for the traffic :(, no Monorails and subway provided lagi! aduhh they should have build it since there are worst traffic jam ever in this island. I dun even knw how ppl overthr survive. oops :X I didnt mean to offend, i did like the island but interm of traffic, penang really lack of it or mayb shouldn't blame them cos of big population in such a small island

here are some pictures that i take: