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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sleep Paralysis?

It was not strange to have this kind of feelings to happened to me..
I experienced this before.....

Heres how it start

When I was a little kid, way back in Primary school. I never being naughty at school until i went back home. I live in a very small town, a town without night life, no shopping malls, no traffic light on the road and only a few shophouses and close before 5pm. 

I studied in a chinese school. In class I sit at the back almost the last row on the side next to the window. My class was placed last interm of grade compared to other class and my grade was super worse, almost get the last grade in class. My class at the first blog near to the gate and the view from my seat was a tree, my school building position locatation was a little bit low compared to the road, i dont know how to describe "latitude?". The road is higher than the building and the building is like build under a small hill.  Most of the pupils in my class are natives that tend to come to the chinese school to learn mandarin. 

I never talk in class & might b the reason y i get bullied. I went to school by bus, I bullied by bunch of idiot pupils in the bus, when i went to the class I bullied by my crazy classmates and it makes me really hate school so much. I skip class once and went back with a public mini van when my school bus sent me to school. My parents was not at home & I have been trained to bring my own house & gate key as after school my parents would not coming home yet. But i was caught by my neighbour who saw me coming back early and report it to my mum.

One day, I went back from school and felt very tired so immediately went back and sleep at the guest room downstair. I don't even slept yet but suddenly I can't move my body, I can't scream but I can listen to my mum keep scolding me for not eating my lunch before tk a nap.
I tried so hard and strugle to move and at last i m able to move. Aftertat I told my mum but she said i was dreaming. But that seldom happened to me.

I m currently staying in an Apartment, since I move out from town to the capital city for my career...

It was fine for the first year when i was staying there. The view was great since it was at the 4th floor but no lift so I have to take the stairs. The apartment design was quite nice, doesn't look that old but the maintainence was lousy and very quite. Less people moving in and kinda cheap for a room only cost me rm250 permonth in a golden area like this. I moving in there on February 2012 and things just get really fine.

In the year 2013, I experienced the sleep paralysis again and this time it was even scarier than any kind that I have experienced before. The room doesn't look haunted at all, because I even ever stayed in somewhere worse than this way back when i was undergo my training in KL. I dun care because I already get used to it but slowly until april I found that this feeling keep on coming to me even sometimes I dun felt really tired. Theres once when I was just take a nap and suddenly I just can't move and the worst part I listen to someone breathing and when i was able to move my body I heard sound like footstep running away. Thats when I really get scared and I told this incident to my friend, so she bring me to have a look at the temple and yes the monk said that I did bring some uninvited people home, so They ask me to drink the holy water, I drink that for 2 or 3 weeks and then slowly I can sleep well at night.

I was never believe in such things before but now I believe, if God exist so do they. But I m not sure if they gonna harm you. What I can said to myself is I dun have to superstition about that kind of things. Just live simple and pray, things should be okay. Me and my housemate was not moving to anywhere till now because I just knew that my housemate have been staying there for more than 5 years and they swear nothing wrong with the house.