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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back to the hometown

Hi everyone, i m back....back to my hometown, yeahhh
yesterday we heading to Mukah to visit my brother who has been working thr for 1 year. He get thinner and he is being promoted!

Going back home is quite boring but i have to get used with this life cos that's my home. Home sweet home. One thing i really like it here, i have my own room means i have more privacy and freedom, no need to share with others! yea!! But no friends :( Quite boring then...

o yeah, forgot one thing, just now before going back we transit at miri and we went to merdeka mall too, quite nice inside but very empty, still got a lot of shop lots havent open and some part still under construction but it is nice that Miri start to have their own bigger hypermall. Hmm... but why i felt like it is kinda copy the spring mall in Kuching @.@

Here are some pictures that i took during the trip:

  • View from second floor

  • one of the corner section in the mall

  • View from inside

  • A lot of shop is not ready to open yet

  • View from third floor