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Friday, December 24, 2010

My stuff

It has been a month i m staying at home without doing nothing but online for 12 hrs a day as my current jobs.

Last few days was my saddest day ever, i was so sad and my heart was so pain due to some unpredictable things happen to me.Well now i wanna introduce something I experienced hmm...not bout jobs, not bout study, its about contact lens and its multipurpose solution.

I have been wearing contact lens since 2005 but i stop in 2006 until 2009 i start to wear it again. I start to wear the colored contact lens since Feb 2009 and i directly addicted to it, once u get a colored cosmetic lens then i m sure u're not gonna use the old normal lens anymore.
Here are some pictures of the contact lens that i bought and stop using it for some period.

  • This is the Blincon Sexy grey lens made of korea, for my opinion it is not nice to wear maybe it doesn't suit me :(

  • This one is the Desire Black Lens also made of korea, Its cheaper cost around rm35 i guess and it is more comfortable for me

  • The desired contact lens

O yea, becareful when choosing the Multipurpose solution since some of them might not suitable for you, once you felt uncomfortable while using the solution better discard it and try another brand. There are one brand named the Bausch and Lomb Renu multipurp
ose solution was not a good solution for me. I felt extreamly uncomfortable when using it and now i just left it thr as a decoration.

  • This is not a good solution and for more information you can check it online, even the US government keep away their people from using it.

  • I guess its because of the chemical they use to removes the protein are too strong until it nearly remove your eyeball at the same time.
Now i have stop wearing contact lens and still searching for the best multipurpose solution for my eye care. But i did not stop you to using this solution though cos mayb thats only certain people doesn't suit this solution but above are just my advice.